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    Specialised Marine Welders
    Machining & Fabrication
    Exhausts & Prop shafts
    Stainless Steel Polishing
    Lloyds Registered
  • The Fortinox Team
  • Welding Fabrication

    Fabrication and welding expertise

    Located in Palma, Mallorca, Fortinox is a company specialised in marine fabrication / machining, and welding of all kind of metal projects. With ten years in business, our well experienced crew are ready to work closely with each client to understand their needs and achieve their goals. Our skills in metal fabrication and knowledge of metal engineering allow us to manage any project and artwork from initial design right through to delivery.

    • Fabrication and profiling services
    • Machining services
    • CNC turning and milling, slotting, and drilling services
  • Lloyds Register Certified Welder

    We work with jobs of all sizes, all metals interior or exterior in stainless steel 316, aluminum, bronze, mild and marine steel, plastics such as white / black Delrin, vesconite, PVC, etc.

    • Fabrications: up to 500Kg and in sizes up to 10m
    • Indoor / outdoor storage
    • Welding processes - TIG and MIG
    • Dedicated clean working area for non-ferrous alloys
  • Exilator Main Agent for Spain

    The Marine Catalytic Converter

    Low maintenence and no running costs, for a cleaner and quieter environment.

    Fits generators from 10KW > 1MW fully passive system.

    Eliminates soot, smoke and diesel smells for a cleaner, fresher boat.

    Reduce exhaust noise by a minimum of 80% (35 DB)

    Minimum unit life of 25,000 Hours

    Minimum 2000 hour service period

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